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Battlefield 3 Tunes: A Retrospective

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Donya Fortress in Battlefield 3

When I first published the Bitmob article about my Battlefield 3 music playlists, I didn’t expect that the official Battlefield 3 Facebook page would share it.

I was shocked. I’d had my stories published before, but I never expected that a game company’s marketers would ever share my music with everyone. I was incredibly glad that other gamers and fans really appreciated my taste in music.

I kept making new playlists, because I really loved how my rock music added edginess to an intense multiplayer game. However, I stopped compiling them in 2013. By that point, I gradually lost interest in the game.

The publishers of Battlefield 3, Electronic Arts (EA), soon started promoting Battlefield 4. This seemed far too sudden. I’d only played Battlefield 3 for about a year or so. I couldn’t understand why they needed to push out a new Battlefield game. All the graphical enhancements looked great, but it was too technically demanding for my computer. It required a lot of the latest graphics hardware, just to run properly.

However, I completely lost interest when EA showed off gameplay trailers for Battlefield 4. The first gameplay trailer used a song called “Total Eclipse of the Heart” from Bonnie Tyler. It sounded awful. I just couldn’t understand why the game was using such an over-dramatic 80s song.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the silly song repeated itself during one of the car chases. And this part of the game was supposedly set in Azerbaijan. For whatever reason, a car radio in Azerbaijan was playing a Bonnie Tyler song. I guess foreign people can’t get enough of Bonnie Tyler.

It sounded strange and absolutely out of place. At that point, I just stopped caring about Battlefield 4 altogether. Honestly, I just thought to myself that they could have tried using the tunes that I had in my own playlists. I somehow knew that this new release would turn out as a disaster.

I still love Battlefield 3. I just wish that the developers would try to listen to what their fans are demanding.


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